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Seventies American Cinema

Horizons of Possibility

Watching Apollo 11, a documentary that relies on archival footage mainly shot by NASA cinematographers, we might understand that for all the importance of the assassinations throughout the sixties (Martin Luther King, JFK, Robert Kennedy and Malcolm X), the Vietnam war, the riots at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, Kent State in 1970 and the Watergate scandal of the early seventies, the …


Jayne Anne Phillips

Familial Obligations and Feminist Freedoms

“Fiction simply is. It is self-evident reality. You either get it or you don't. Students are basically reading fiction for meaning. They are looking for why they are alive and what the point of anything is, and I think fiction answers those questions by not answering any particular question. People are what fiction is all about.” (Appalachian Journal) So offers Jayne Anne Phillips,…




1 It was the day of my father’s funeral that I thought again of a moment in my life when I must have been around five. It was one evening, probably close to midnight, and my mother knocked on the bedroom door. My sister was asleep in the other room - my younger brother who would have been perhaps one and a half was sleeping there too in his cot. As usual, I couldn’t sleep and I was pla…


Categorizing the Cognitive

Hawks and Doves

When looking at the work of cognitive film theory and criticism, at writers who sees similarities between the human mind and a computational one, we can notice there are those more inclined towards the analytical; others towards the empirical. When one of the cognitive practitioners, Gregory Currie, says “even we hawks are capable of ontological generosity” ('Film, Reality and Illu…

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