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J'entends plus la guitare

Elliptical Invocations

Watching Philippe Garrel's J'entends plus la guitare, few would be inclined to guess that the film takes place over a period of eighteen years. But if one knows about the story behind the film (the history rather than the story we shall say), then we can see that this is loosely an account of Garrel's affair with Nico, from the time they met in 1970, to the time that she died in 1988. …


The Anthropological Structure of the Imaginary

Telling Truths

In an essay on The Mystery of Edwin Drood, V. S. Pritchett muses over the Victorian fascination with murder. “In earlier periods, when life was cheap, rape, seduction and incest were the crimes favoured by literature. If we look to literature rather than to life, it is certain the Victorian writers took over murder from the popular taste of the eighteenth century and succeeded, against the o…




If we can choose our friends but can’t choose our family, at least we can choose to give our inheritance to those we care about over those we might share a couple of features with. What we have in common with our brothers and sisters, mother and father, is often no more than a nose or a skin tone, hair colouring or a similar jawline. I would notice some of these features were present and cor…


A Family Supper

The Necessary Testing of the Hypothesis

In his essay 'Structuralism and Literary Criticism', Gerard Genette interestingly and judiciously discusses Structuralism, acknowledging its importance while indicating its potential limits. “Literature had long enough been regarded as a message without a code for it to become necessary to regard it for a time as a code without a message.” Yet he also says, “the prejudice…

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