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Look Back in Anger

A Bitter Sadness

In Look Back in Anger, the middle-class wife of a working-class husband says to her colonial father, who worked out in India, that for the father things have changed too much and for her husband, things haven't changed enough. The comment isn't offered materially but psychically. Here this young, pregnant wife is, caught between a father whose temperament she shares (they are both mild of …


Juan Rulfo

Embodying the People

If Proust once proposed that you have to read at least two books by a writer before you can pass judgement, and Nabokov reckoned you ought to read his entire body of work before being entitled to an opinion, then Juan Rulfo fulfils Proust’s modest criterion and Nabokov’s very demanding one. Rulfo only wrote two books that were published in his lifetime: the short story collection The B…




1 Perhaps a certain type of empathy in friendship can hide blind spots elsewhere. That giving our thoughts over to one person can indicate far more our inconsiderateness towards others, and yet speculation takes many forms without always indicating depth of feeling. I believe I had always given much thought to my closest friend, and at the same time, we would explore these thoughts in numerous con…


A Family Supper

The Necessary Testing of the Hypothesis

In his essay 'Structuralism and Literary Criticism', Gerard Genette interestingly and judiciously discusses Structuralism, acknowledging its importance while indicating its potential limits. “Literature had long enough been regarded as a message without a code for it to become necessary to regard it for a time as a code without a message.” Yet he also says, “the prejudice…

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