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Seventies American Cinema

Horizons of Possibility

Watching Apollo 11, a documentary that relies on archival footage mainly shot by NASA cinematographers, we might understand that for all the importance of the assassinations throughout the sixties (Martin Luther King, JFK, Robert Kennedy and Malcolm X), the Vietnam war, the riots at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, Kent State in 1970 and the Watergate scandal of the early seventies, the …


Mario Vargas Llosa

The Limits of Engagement

There are probably quite a few writers who believe writing is more important than life, and plenty who might not go that far but live it in a manner that suggests there is at least a decent tussle between the two. Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa would suggest in his remarks that he is one of the former and in his discipline someone who acknowledges aspects of the latter. He insisted in a 1990…




My aunt picked me up from the station in Inverness even though I’d arranged originally to cycle through from the Highland capital to my parents’ place a few miles from Dingwall. That is why I took the mountain bike with me, expecting bad enough weather for the racer to prove useless. I thought there might be a bit of snow but by the time the train arrived in Inverness, two hours late (…


Categorizing the Cognitive

Hawks and Doves

When looking at the work of cognitive film theory and criticism, at writers who sees similarities between the human mind and a computational one, we can notice there are those more inclined towards the analytical; others towards the empirical. When one of the cognitive practitioners, Gregory Currie, says “even we hawks are capable of ontological generosity” ('Film, Reality and Illu…

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