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It's a Wonderful Life

A Tale of Two Towns

One way of looking at the notion of ideology and film is to see that it insists on a sceptical relationship with images, to see that the apparent intentions of the film need to be looked at from a broader perspective than those intensions. As Susan Hayward proposes, “cinema is an ideological apparatus by nature of its very seamlessness. It renders it invisible, naturalises it. Mainstream or …


Rosario Ferre

Beyond Puerto Rican Parody

Speaking with Rosario Ferre, Frances Negron-Muntaner says in her introduction, “a parody of the nineteenth-century novelas de la tierra genre, Maldito Amor was told from multiple incommensurable perspectives, though the mulatta Gloria Camprubí’s parting words literally bring the racist and patriarchal fictions of the big house down.” (‘Rosario Ferre’s Last Inte…




I hadn’t seen her since she moved to London, and was surprised as she passed me while I sat on a bench in a graveyard I sometimes would sit on during the summer months. It was a comfortably warm early summer’s day and it was during the virus that wiped out the city’s tourist population, leaving them holed up in their own homes or at least in their home cities as I had been unable…


Saul Bellow


Of course, US literature is rich, a pun playing on the idea that the country is prosperous and the literature is manifold. But we offer it not only as a pun but as a causal relation. The literature is rich partly because the country happens to be also. Few would be likely to claim that 19th century American literature could be seen as so significant as English, French or Russian fiction, but in th…

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